"Our passion is teaching people to expand the knowledge about who they really are and what potential we all have

of creating the freedom we desire in terms of setting up diversified Multiple Sourses of Income streams, MSI´s"


If you are open and willing to take action and really change your lifestyle, we are here for you.


With our experience and guidance you have a real good possibility to create multiple sourses of income streams that continually will increase you freedom in life.



Who are CompoundiT?


CompoundiT inspires and helps people who want to create growth in their lives. We focus on the very essence of the good things in life and our passion for people's subconscious and how our thoughts and habitual behaviors control our emotions and results in areas such as health, finances and happiness.

For example, did you know that:


Stress-related ill health, anxiety and insecurity cost a country like Sweden 70 billion SEK in losses (annually) The fact that so many people feel stress and exhaustion are symptoms that are rooted in an inner feeling of subconscious paradigm. In other words, crowds of people walks around and are afraid of things they do not have to be afraid for because of a unconscious program that they have been exposed for since they was born.


The majority always feels they have too little money, they do not have enough time at work so they can get more, they do not have enough time at home so they can relax and they feel miserable and stuck in a box.  One thing they all have in common is that they all have been teached in school to be a good student, get a degree, get a good job, work hard and earn a living.  If they just had the insights and knowledge we tech people they will understand that is nothing but an illusion.


To be completely honest, everything we need is already in abundance. There is no lack of health, lack of money, love or happiness. There are only illusions and inherited values ​​and opinions from previous generations that we should think and do like everyone else.

But a question you should ask yourself is... If almost everyone says you must do what they are doing to live a good life, how come they are not millioners already and have an abundance of what they are preaching? 

That´s right, they don´t know that they don´t know what they don´t know.


You see everything you and people around you think you know, is the knowledge you have been programmed in your subconscious mind all your life from everybody else. But if that´s the secret of creating a healthy, happy and financially strong lifestyle. How come so few people that you surround yourself with are just as broke and miserable than the majority of the rest of the population? 


Why is it like this?


We have been taught to go to school, be good, get good grades, get a job, pay taxes and behave like civilized fellow human beings to fit into the framework. But if this is the right way, how is it then that Sweden, which is a high-tech and economically successful country, has so many citizens who walk around with worry, that are broke and stressful? When will people realize that this is not a successful way to achieve their goals, dreams and visions?

To further strengthen the image of how bad it is, about 1 million of the Swedes (10 million citizens) go on antidepressant medication. Does that sound like the image of a paradise?


Do you still believe in the illusion that everything is solved by working more, working harder, trade your time for a paycheck? Or are you beginning to gain insights that you previously lacked that the solution rather lies within yourself?


The best investment is in yourself


You really need to start taking responsibility for your life and invest in yourself. Personal development is the best thing you can do to change your results and start living the life you want.


Why should you live the way others want you to live? Isn´t your life more important than to be an extra in your own movie so to speak? 


CompoundiT is very passionate about inspiring people in personal development and taking control of your subconscious mind. To get leverage in life, you therefore need to learn some simple principles, such as doing a few things consistly more often to get the results you want.


You have to start with a decision 


You must start by taking action and decide what your goals, dreams and visions are, based on who you are and where you are in this present time.


Take financial growth for example, here is the best thing you can do to set up multiple sources of income, MSI´s to get an abundance of income streams that continuesly increases.


It does not matter how large or small the amount your seperate income streams are in the begining, the principle is the same. Because if you do it right, it expands a little all the time. Just as your consciousness does when you invest in yourself. If you continue with the same thing and reinvest the growth, through compounding, then your financial growth will be dramatically after enough repetitions.


Rich or poverty living?

Money is not everything in life, it's called. Many people have rich lifes even though they are relatively poor if you look at the money in their bank account. Although there are also by definition financially successful people, who lives poverty lives. They have all the money they need, but they do not have the freedom to live their dream as they are so busy maintaining the source where the income comes from. They must continue to work actively for their money and never have the time to enjoy life, while real wealth does not include hard work. The key is to create several mutually independent incomes that are passive. Only then can you live fully in financial freedom.

The reason why CompoundiT focuses so much on finances is because with a stronger economy, you can strengthen what you already are and who you want to be. You can live a life in freedom and security from inside out without having to depend on outside factors.


To achieve your dreams and visions, you need a strong economy that makes you and your family financially free to live fully every day.


But most important of all, stop putting values ​​into what others think you should do. What does that have to do with you?


Focus on the script of your life and set your goals, dreams and visions. Let no one else control your life. Allow others to have their opinions and values ​, it has nothing to do with you. Start creating your own future instead of theirs! Learn to tone in on things that makes you feel good instead of listening to everyone else. That is really gonna make a huge impact on your future.




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