Smart Contracts & DEFI-technology

Combinding the right strategy and mindset is the secret science of creating wealth.


 We believe that our money (and yours) should be in a decentralized financial form where you have 100 % control of the funds with no interfering from a third party.

Meaning that we don´t want our money in other peoples hands, bankings and centralized forms that historically have resulted in recessions, exit scams and simular situations costing people to loosing money.

That´s why DEFI is the new revolutionary trend that is the future of online business.


In the DEFI market no one can run away with the money, no one can manipulate the system and no one can scam us. It is a safe and secure open protocol that is developed by the people, for the people.

Why Smart Contracts are perfect for everyone:

# If you don´t want referring to others, you still make 1 % daily by joining TronChain

# If you do want to share it, you will earn more, and faster by joining CyberChain    

 Feel free to explore the different tools and join our Community by reaching out to the person that introduced you to the CompoundiT Community.

If you don´t have a referral person you can join any tool you prefer by using the CompoundiT referral

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In TronChain you can perticipate with less then $3 usd worth of

trx (TRON). 

There are 4 different ways of recieving income from the smart contract and it has the potential of becoming a residual income stream for decades to come.

What we like the most, is that you get paid 1 % daily without referring anyone. That is 30 % ROI per month and is a huge safe and secure investment possibility! 


With CyberChain you activly refer and share it with others and gets instant payments to you wallet when people joins you. There are 12 different income streams wich each pays you 500 % ROI each time you cycle. Wich means you potantially can earn a lot of money!

This Tool has been very fast growing and has become very popular to quickly earn limitless of USD. 

The Future Is Here

This type of income stream, based on Smart Contracts, has littery taken the online business by storm recently and is the hottest and most interesting market that we have seened by far.


There are several Smart Contracts on the market to choose from, and to simplify your experience we have used alot of time and afford to due dilligance the most sustaineble, profitable and long lasting ones.


Some of them you can perticipate in passevly and earn 1 % ROI on a daily basis not having to do anything, and some others is very powerful if you are willing to put in some work ethic. What you prefer is up to you.


In general there has always been more benefits for those who brings the most value to the market. But not everyone wants to build a community and doesn´´t see themselves be that person that shares opportunities with others. To explore more of this you can go to Strategies.




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